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As parents we always want the best for baby, but we also need to sleep.

Which factors actually matter when it comes to baby sleep? Teething? Mattress quality? Weight? Science has the answer to that. We can use knowledge about

our biology,

our internal body clock, and

the fundamentals of sleep

to help babies sleep. When my kids were born, I had worked for 3 years in a laboratory researching sleep. We only use red light when we don’t want to wake up our animals. Naturally, I got red light bulbs for my kids’ rooms. It worked so well that I starting thinking about other insights from sleep research that might help me get my kids to sleep through the night. I found clear research results and formulated a simple 3 step method to help babies sleep. Next I started working with real parents to see if it worked with babies of different ages, backgrounds, and sleep problems and was so successful that I decided to bring my method to the broader public by teaming up with one of the largest publisher in the United States, Simon&Schuster. My groundbreaking baby sleep book, How Babies Sleep – The Gentle, Science-Based Method for a Good Night’s Sleep, will be available at Amazon and in bookstores nationwide in May 2020.

-Sofia Axelrod, PhD