Sofia Axelrod, PhD

I’m a regular mom who happens to also be a sleep scientist. Take the two together and you have the perfect weapon against sleepless nights, bedtime struggles and any other questions related to baby sleep. I’m on a mission to help tired parents to feel better by giving them the thing they need the most: a good night’s sleep.

How is My Method Different?

As parents we always want the best for baby, but we also need to sleep.

When you become a parent you are bombarded with information. But which factors actually matter when it comes to baby sleep? Teething? Mattress quality? Weight? Science has the answer to that. We can use knowledge about

our biology,

our internal body clock, and

the fundamentals of sleep

to help babies sleep. When my kids were born, I had worked for 3 years in a laboratory researching sleep. We only use red light when we don’t want to wake up our animals. Naturally, I got red light bulbs for my kids’ rooms. It worked so well that I starting thinking about other insights from sleep research that might help me get my kids to sleep through the night. I found clear research results and formulated a simple 3 step method to help babies sleep. Next I started working with real parents to see if it worked with babies of different ages, backgrounds, and sleep problems and was so successful that I decided to bring my method to the broader public by writing a book, releasing an app and lamp, and founding a company to tackle sleep in children and adults.

-Sofia Axelrod, PhD

How It Works

There is a lot of advice on baby sleep out there, but it’s hard to decide, which one is the best. I am a sleep researcher and have distilled 100 years of sleep research into 3 simple steps:
  1. Blue and white light as in daylight and regular light bulbs suppress sleep – and young children are particularly sensitive. Get red light bulbs or our custom-engineered, wooden night light to help baby sleep at night.
  2. Baby’s naps are ever-changing, but by knowing how to adjust them, you can help baby sleep at night. To figure out the right schedule, use the Kulala app I created.
  3. I have developed a research-based gentle sleep training effective from 3 months – 5 years to help your baby, toddler or pre-schooler sleep through the night, described in my book.

My book: How Babies Sleep

The first to launch this year from the trifecta of tools to fight baby insomnia is my baby sleep app Kulala. It’s based on everything I know about baby sleep and guides you in a calm and gentle way to help baby sleep through the night.

“…a clearly explained and reassuring guide from an expert in the field.”, Publisher’s Weekly

“Verdict: This is a valuable resource that uses research to help parents and babies get the shut-eye they desperately need.”, Library Journal

“This is the first book that actually made sense to me and I loved that is based on science.”, Shannon, mom of a 8 month old

“One thing though I really enjoyed were the more science based information on things and case studies/real life stories.”, Kristina, mom of a 6 month old

My Complete Baby Sleep Solution


What are clock genes? How do they affect sleep? How can we use knowledge from scientific research to help our babies – and ourselves – sleep better? Listen to my podcast at Masters of Regeneration Radio to find out!

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My mission is to help babies – and adults! – sleep better – using cutting edge sleep research

Have you tried the Kulala holistic baby sleep solution – book, lamp and app? I’d love to hear your feedback. Write to me below.

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-Sofia Axelrod, PhD